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Mindfulness and Meditation for Beginners Information Session FREE with Registration

Are you curious to learn what Mindfulness is and how it can help you in your everyday life? 

In the Mindfulness and Meditation for Beginners Information Session, we will walk you through how we practice.  We'll get to the essence of what mindfulness is and what it takes to make it part of your life.  We’ll end the session with a short guided meditation so that you can sample it for yourself.  This session allows the participant to learn more, meet the teacher, and decide if they are ready for the next Mindfulness and Meditation for Beginners 8 week course either privately or in a group. 

Note: Interested in starting right me for an in-person 15 minute phone call to see if private sessions are right for you.

Thursday, November 18th, 7:00-7:45pm EST
Thursday, December 1st, 7:00-7:45pm EST

Cost: free with registration, email to register

Classes are for adults, 18 years and older, maximum 8 students per class, 4 students minimum to run the class

Location: 1108 Willow Grove Avenue, Wyndmoor, PA, second floor, second room on left


Covid Safety Guidelines

If any covid symptoms, please stay home and let instructor know you're not coming

Class itself will be mask-optional and socially distanced.


IN-PERSON Mindfulness and Meditation for Beginners * (8 week class)

*this class is based on the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction curriculum, MBSR, created by Jon Kabat-Zinn

All participants receive:  workbook and recorded guided meditations

Next course date:
8 Thursday evenings, 6:45-8:45pm EST (IN PERSON)  
Beginning mid-January

Cost: $330.00

To register or for questions, contact Theresa and she will add you to the upcoming class schedule
call or text at 267-235-9730 or

Meditation seems to be mentioned everywhere these days and is compared to another thing you “should” going to the gym.  But it’s actually one of THE most important things we can do to live our lives with more clarity, meaning, compassion and joy.  When we meditate and do these simple practices, we are connecting to ourselves, which is a true act of self caring. We connect all day to those around us....but do we value and connect with ourselves every day?

This 8 week class is structured to begin and sustain a mindfulness and meditation practice in a supportive, small group environment. Class size is limited to 8 people. The course follows Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction curriculum (MBSR) which is used in hundreds of clinical trials and studies to show the benefits of meditation and mindfulness practices, and is considered the "gold standard" of Mindfulness instruction.

Extensive research has shown the MBSR 8 Week course to be helpful for anxiety, chronic pain, depression, high blood pressure, digestive issues, sleep disorders, and weight management.

During this course, participants will learn how to....

  • Establish a meditation practice
  • ​Integrate mindfulness into everyday life
  • ​Increase self-compassion and compassion for others
  • Increase ability to relax while resting in the present moment
  • Improve ability to cope with stressful situations
  • Improve communication with friends, family and at work
  • Release tensions and increase energy
  • Learn how to relate to and process emotions in a healthy way
  • ​Cultivate skills in being present to bring more clarity, meaning, compassion and joy into everyday life

Additional Information:
In-Person offering located at 1108 Willow Grove Avenue, Wyndmoor, PA, second floor

For participants safety:
If any covid symptoms please stay home and follow up with instructor in advance of class time
Participant to stay home if symptoms arise (unless negative covid test), and can zoom into session or receive recording if arranged in advance.
The class itself will be mask-optional and socially distanced (this protocol is subject to change based on recommended guidelines). 

If participant needs to quarantine:
Instructor will either record or zoom in participant

Classes are for adults, 18 years and older, maximum 8 students per class, 4 minimum to run the class

Attendance:  Regular attendance is important due to the nature of the course as the practices build week to week.  It is requested that when booking if you know you'll miss more than one class, that you wait for the next session. 
Home Practice:  30-45 minutes per day which includes dedicated meditation practice plus mindfulness practices which are built into the day