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It is recommended to schedule at least 3 Biofield Tuning sessions 1-2 weeks apart, ideally 6 within 2-3 months to have the most benefit; and then as needed, quarterly or biannually after that. Of course, one session can be very helpful. Each session builds on the session before. Packages make the sessions more affordable and allow for maximum benefit. Packages can be agreed to after the initial session, and broken up into payments if needed.

Individual Biofield Tuning sessions last for 75 minutes, 90 minutes for the first session

First session, 90 minutes $140    can decide after the first session if you'd like to upgrade to a package

Package of 3 includes first session 90 minutes, plus two 75 minute sessions ($130 each session, total $390) payment plan is possible

Package of 6 includes first session 90 minutes, plus 5 additional 75 minute sessions ($108 each session, total $648) payment plan is possible

Sessions can include a package of 3 sessions specifically focused on resetting the function of the adrenal system. This method is called the Adrenal Rhythm Reset. Three sessions, one every 1-2 weeks is ideal and can allow a person to move from a chronically stressed state to a state of homeostasis...feeling less reactive, more relaxed, balanced and present.

All sessions can be in-person or remote by zoom or facetime.

If these sessions are not accessible for you, a scholarship might be possible. Please inquire by email.


Sessions can be in-person at 7916 Queen Street, second floor, Wyndmoor, PA or via Zoom anywhere.

The cost is $108 per 90 minute private coaching session.  The cost for the 8 week Mindfulness and Meditation for Beginners 8 Week curriculum is $784 (session discounted from $108 to $98 per session). Payments for the 8 weeks can be broken up into 2-3 payments for financial ease.

The cost is $70/each person per 90 minute semi-private coaching session, 2 people.

If you have questions or to schedule a 20 minute consult, contact me at the email below.


Scheduling is best by email to: or phone or text to 267-235-9730.

Payment can be made by Venmo to @Theresa-Cohen or by check payable to: Blue Sky Meditation

Location: 7916 Queen Street, second floor, Wyndmoor, PA 19038