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Biofield Tuning

What is Biofield Tuning?

Biofield Tuning is a sound and vibrational healing method that uses tuning forks to help relieve emotional and physical stress. Your biofield is the electromagnetic energy field that surrounds and includes your body. It is inextricably connected with your conscious and subconscious mind, including all of your memories.

A tuning fork introduces a coherent sound into the energy field allowing the body’s nervous system to release subtle or "frozen" energy that is creating dissonance in our lives. Activating a tuning fork in the biofield offers your body the information it needs to recalibrate itself.

With Biofield Tuning, we can listen to the sounds produced by the tuning forks and hear the tonal soundtrack of any period of our lives, and we can make adjustments. Because of the way our memories and experiences are stored, we can work with them whether we consciously remember them or not. Biofield Tuning is an excellent way to resolve issues that have remained unchanged, even after extensive work in psychotherapy, bodywork, etc.


How can it help you?

While it’s not possible to provide any guarantees, the outcome of this targeted sonic-induced relaxation can be immediate and profound, reducing tension, anxiousness, heaviness, discomfort, and other distresses during the session, with other benefits unfolding in the days following a session. Biofield Tuning targets the root cause of any symptoms you might have.


What to expect during a session?

Theresa slowly scans the body and atmosphere around the body (biofield) with an activated tuning fork opening up flow in the body, identifying blockages and related emotional imbalances and then clearing those blockages so the body comes back into balance. Please find the post care instructions here.


Frequency of Individual Sessions:

It is recommended to schedule at least 3 Biofield Tuning sessions 1-2 weeks apart, ideally 6 within 2-3 months to have the most benefit; and then as needed, sometimes monthly, quarterly or biannually. Of course, one session can be very helpful. Each session builds on the session before. Packages make the sessions more affordable and allow for maximum benefit and a continued momentum of shifts.

Important Notes:

  • If you have a pacemaker, recent concussion (within 3 months), are pregnant, active cancer or terminally ill this modality is not recommended. If you would like more information on Cautions and Guidance for Biofield Tuning sessions, please read more. There may be certain situations where a modified or shorter tuning is permitted, please inquire by email.

  • It's best to schedule a session on a day or at a time of day that you have nothing pressing following the session, so you have time to rest, integrate, ground and hydrate.

  • As you allow the cleansing process which is 1-3 days following a session, it is not recommended to engage in bodywork (ie.massage or acupuncture, etc.) or other types of energy work during this time. It can be helpful to have some type of bodywork after the 3 days following a session, and encouraged after 3-4 tuning sessions.


Types of Sessions:

Individual Sessions:

Age: all ages welcome

  • Distance session: client connects via zoom to meet and discuss what the needs and intentions will be, then finds a comfortable and quiet place in their home to receive the sound and vibration, ending the session with any questions or sharing.

  • In-person: client discusses needs and intentions for the session, then lies fully clothed on a treatment table while Theresa conducts the session, ending the session with any questions or sharing. 
    Location: 7916 Queen Street, second floor, Wyndmoor, PA

Adrenal Rhythm Reset:
Sessions can include a package of 3 sessions specifically focused on resetting the function of the adrenal system. This method is called the Adrenal Rhythm Reset. Three sessions, one every 1-2 weeks is recommended and can allow a person to move from a chronically stressed state to a state of homeostasis...feeling less reactive, more relaxed, balanced and present.

First session $150.00 (1 hour, 45 minutes) can decide after the first session (up to 2 weeks) if you'd like to upgrade to a package     
Individual sessions after first session $150.00 (1 hour, 30 mintues)
Package of 3, $140 each session, (1 hour, 30 minutes) payment for each session is due at time of service, package must be completed within 3 months
Package of 6, $135 each session, (1 hour, 30 minutes) payment for each session is due at time of service, package must be completed within 3 months
Package of 9, $125 each session, (1 hour, 30 minutes) payment for each session is due at time of service, package must be completed within 6 month

If these sessions are not accessible for you, please inquire by email for sliding scale discount.


Group tunings held monthly via Zoom (summer schedule coming soon). 
Age: 18 years or older
Cost: $35 per person

Couples or 2 family members/friends $200, 2 people (2 hours) These sessions focus on individual and if desired relational challenges or patterns. All ages welcome.

Friends/Family 3-5 people $275 (2 hours) These sessions focus on individual and if desired relational challenges or patterns. All ages welcome.
For couples and Friends/Family small group sessions, email for more information and to schedule.

For children, shorter 45 minute sessions are offered up to the age of 13 years. Cost: $100 per child up to and including 12 years of age.
Note: Younger children 5-7 yrs old can become more hyperactive for a period following the session.

Teens: 13 thru 17 years of age, 1 hour sessions, first visit 1 hour, 15 minutes. Cost: $120 per person. Special for bookings made before July 31st, $111 x 3 sessions = $333.00

Questions? Email to: or phone or text to 267-235-9730.

Payment can be made by Venmo to @Theresa-Cohen, Zelle to 267-235-9730 (Blue Sky Meditation), with Paypal to @blueskymeditation or by check to: Blue Sky Meditation

In-person session location: 7916 Queen Street, second floor, Wyndmoor, PA 19038, limited off street parking available.