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Mindfulness and Meditation Instruction and Coaching

Theresa works privately with clients to bring mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives. When this happens a connection with themselves emerges that is a pathway to realizing all that they are. She helps give perspective to one's daily experience within a larger framework that will help clients live more compassionately with themselves and within their relationships. This allows the client to move from more fear-based states of being to more open-hearted living, which results in more energy, growth and expansion. 

During private sessions you will learn how to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your daily life. You can choose to work on whatever current challenges you are having or you can follow the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum over 8 weeks (adapted to your schedule) with my support.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have--

  • established a mindfulness meditation practice that works for you and your lifestyle
  • experienced how a daily meditation practice can help calm your nervous system to feel less scattered, more balanced and grounded.
  • integrated mindfulness practices into your day so you can experience more awareness, choice and freedom
  • developed a new relationship to your thoughts and emotions
  • increased your emotional intelligence and capacity to regulate your nervous system
  • developed a relationship with yourself and others that is more kind and compassionate
  • collected essential practices that will help you live a life with more ease and agency
  • experienced what it feels like to live more in the present presence, where all possibilities exist!

Sessions can be in-person in Wyndmoor, PA or via Zoom.