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"Biofield tuning has been profoundly supportive for me with deep emotional clearing as I move through perhaps the biggest passage of my life so far. After 4 sessions I feel more at ease amidst the major, foundational shifts happening in my life, clearer, lighter and with deeper understanding of my inner workings. I feel more rooted in trust and less thrown by difficulties in the external. For me, healing modalities that don’t need to navigate the complexities of the mind but get right into unlocking and releasing the trapped energies stored in the body are the most powerful for transformation. Theresa is a deeply safe, trustworthy and compassionate practitioner."

Chelan Harkin, poet and author, "Susceptible to Light"


"As a guide who works extensively with individual and collective energy fields, I highly recommend Theresa Cohen’s biofield tuning services. My own energy field is constantly shifting and expanding as I work with others, so I turn to Theresa when I need help balancing, opening, or clearing. And she is the only person to whom I refer others when they need the same, because there’s more to her work than just technique. There is heart. There is contextual experience and understanding. And most importantly, there is sincere interest in the well-being of every individual AND the world we all impact."

Mary Reed, mystic, guide and author, "Humanity's Epic Awakening"


"Before working with Theresa I was anxious and had trouble setting limits with other people, and I was unable to connect well with my intuition. Theresa’s precise and empathic work helped me transform past traumas and reintegrate that energy into my present being. She also shared with me several mindfulness practices that helped me cope in the interim. I am less anxious, have a stronger sense of self and have reconnected with my intuition. I am so grateful to be able to work with such an amazing healing arts practitioner."



I have done 4 or 5 sessions with Theresa so far and I find it to be such Amazing & Powerful work. I have carried a very heavy trauma load and it has been challenging in so many ways. I love that this work helps to clear out my field at both the personal  and lineage level. There is a distinct feeling of calm & cohesion I feel after these sessions. It has been an important support for the deep spiritual transformation happening at this time & I am really grateful for this work. 


"I completed an 8 week session and it was an outstanding experience. Theresa the facilitator was excellent and helped each student reach their established goals. She was a great instructor with a direct and gentle manner. This course helped me tremendously and the benefits of mindfulness is with me daily."


"Blue Sky Meditation has changed my life. The invitation to join Theresa (a certified teacher in MBSR) at her new studio space for a beginner course in Mindfulness & Meditation came just at the right time. The 2 hours I spent each week, meditating with peers and learning the lessons of Jon Kabat-Zinn and others was a gift. The home practice suggestions were immensely helpful in establishing a personal practice that is just right for me. We were even given  a workbook to help guide our learning (a resource I will refer to again and again). I will be returning to practice with Theresa at Blue Sky whenever possible!​"