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Witnessing YOU, 30 minute or 60 minute sessions

We are in a time of incredible change, many call it a time of Awakening to our spiritual nature to our soul's realizing all that we are, our innate wholeness. With this Awakening, comes feelings of pain that might have been pushed down or resisted in some way all our lives. Many are feeling a lot of fear rising up, to be felt, to be witnessed and healed. Whether or not this is your feeling or perspective, you might be struggling and in need of someone to witness your pain, to listen deeply, to feel seen, to feel heard.

This time can be whatever YOU need most.....deep listening, empathy, emotional processing, mindfulness coaching, spiritual guidance, sharing resources.

Theresa is trained in Sivananda yoga, Mindfulness-based stress reduction, Trauma sensitive mindfulness and meditation, Non-violent communication and Biofield Tuning sound therapy. She is not a psychotherapist. She has a passion in helping others lessen their suffering and feel less alone, and to make empowered choices. Her approach is heart-focused and present.

30 minute sessions, $50 (in-person or on zoom)
60 minute sessions, $80 (in-person or on zoom)

Note: These sessions can be added on to a Biofield Tuning Session, or scheduled separately 1-3 days after a Biofield Tuning Session or in between Biofield Tuning Sessions for support. They can also be scheduled completely separate of any other offerings.

Questions? Email to: or phone or text to 267-235-9730.

Payment can be made by Venmo to @Theresa-Cohen, Zelle to 267-235-9730 (Blue Sky Meditation), with Paypal to @blueskymeditation or by check to: Blue Sky Meditation

In-person session location: 7916 Queen Street, second floor, Wyndmoor, PA 19038, limited off street parking available.